Edward Kincaid

Special Operative : Infiltration Unit


Short slick backed black hair, cocky grin and a well tailored three piece suit are the hallmarks of Edward Kincaid. That and an air of sheer invincibility.

In social situations or when impersonating someone on a mission charisma drips off of Edward Kincaid. When confronted by authority from the Estate, especially Katherine, this amiable man turns to sarcasm, sneers, and outright sulkiness

He has received several warnings for fraternising with interns, senior staff and denizens of recursions.

Codename: Icharus


Special Operative, Edward Kincaid is a felon that the estate freed to exploit his amazing skills of theft and infiltration. So far, Kincaid has proven a strong asset, though some consider him a security risk

Security Clearance Level 3

Edward Kincaid

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