Katherine J Manners

Lead Operative of Estate


More than one operative of Estate has called Katherine J Manners a cold, stoic bitch.

Probably because people tend to forget her attractive looks, mid-length wavy dark brown hair and the occasional warm smile as soon as they’ve disappointed her for the first time. From then on, only the image of dead-pan disappointment and impassive steel grey eyes remains.

Now in her early forties she shows no sign of slowing down despite going on less excursions. She retains an impressive physique which any trainee operatives can tell you is still incredibly effective at ‘moulding’ the recruits


A founding member of the Estate, and one of the institution’s most important field agents.

As Lead Operative, Katherine spends the majority of her time managing sub-teams and only takes to the field in the most important of excursions into The Strange.

- Further information requires security clearance level 8 -

Katherine J Manners

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